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About Chicane.

Introducing Chicane Tools, a solid and steadfast newcomer to the automotive hand tool category, with a tool to solve every motor situation. Ratchets, socket sets, spanners, ratchet spanners, drivers, hex keys, torque wrenches… the list goes on. We wants these tools in the hands of every New Zealand mechanic.

For too long mechanics have been unsung heroes in the workforce. They’re Australia’s big problem solvers, forever working under pressure and keeping the country moving. Every day a new head-scratcher drives into the garage and mechanics use their hands and their head to nut it out.

Backed by a lifetime warranty *
Chicane tools are purpose designed for the workshop and come with a lifetime warranty, to give the trade absolute confidence they’re buying the highest quality tools. *Exclusions apply. Some tools have a 12-month warranty.

Working with tickford.

If ever there was proof that Chicane are industry-leading tools at the top of the field, surely this must be it.

In the fast-paced world of V8 Supercar racing where tenths of a second mean the difference between winning or losing a championship, one of the greatest teams, Tickford Racing… turns to Chicane.

In the pits on race day or back in the workshop, every last newton of horsepower is turned out of these Ford Mustangs with a Chicane Tool.

Tickford Racing Chief Executive Officer and Team Principal, Tim Edwards, shares his excitement for the partnership that sees the new Chicane brands join one of Australia’s most successful motor racing teams.

“Bringing Chicane on board from 2021 is incredibly exciting for our team. On race day we think three steps ahead, so when our crew turns to Chicane, we know they will have the best tools available.” Tickford Racing Chief Executive

Tickford turns to chicane tools.

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The Turning Point Pt. 3 – Engine Servicing
The Turning Pt. 4 – Wet vs. Dry Set Up